Crack Injection

Concrete Injection Systems – Waterproofing, Strengthening, Sealing, Foundation Stabilisation

Braid Industries understands the success of any injection procedure depends on the combination of materials, equipment and the expertise of the technician.

  • The injection material must be capable of achieving the desired objective.
  • The equipment must be regularly maintained and be capable of efficiently delivering the materials to their destination in which they were designed for.
  • The technicians must have the correct training and experience to combine all these elements to achieve the correct result which will then in turn satisfy the client's needs.

Braid offers every aspect of the above through regular training and maintenance schedules that enables the desired result.


Concrete Remediation

Braid is the market leader in providing solutions to repair and revive all types of large concrete structures and assets. Our experience in all aspects of concrete repair and remediation has enabled us to develop our applications and fleet of equipment to specifically target the needs of asset managers, contractors and engineers. These include but are not limited to increasing efficiency, productivity and reducing the time of our application/installation. Our material knowledge and selection, along with our knowledge and expertise from Managing Director through to technician on the ground is unparalleled – making us the first choice concrete remediators across multiple industries.

Our services include structural concrete repair, reinforcement reinstatement, cathodic protection installation, joint and sealing and repair and more. Our team can install and repair chemical bunds, remediate pipes, tunnels and drainage systems, and have specialist knowledge and experience in fitting hydraulic concrete structures with waterproofing and chemical resistant linings.

Our team repair concrete in wet and dry environments and can also recommend protective coatings tailored to your environment when necessary.


Protective Coatings

Epoxy Coatings and Linings – Water and Wastewater Specialist

Braid offers concrete remediation and protective coatings for wastewater manhole access chambers, pump station wet wells, WWTP inlet channels, grit chambers, launders, bio tanks and chemical secondary containment structures subject to biogenic or chemical induced concrete corrosion.

We provide a total solution for new and existing above and below ground concrete structures that may require total refurbishment or new protective coatings to ensure long term protection from H2S and sulphuric acid induced concrete corrosion. In sewer, sulfide rich effluent, humid conditions and retention times create an environment for microbiological induced corrosion (MIC) which is a major cause of concrete corrosion in sewer networks and structures.

We utilise 100% solid, high moisture tolerant, wet to dry epoxy bonding agents, epoxy and cement based structural renders and ultra high build epoxy coatings by manual and airless spray methods offering the ability to cure underwater for fast return to service, maximum concrete cover equivalence, holiday free and gloss finishes specifically for sewer structures.

Braid offers abrasive blasting, water blasting and corrosion protection for WWTP steel structures subject to permanent wastewater immersion. Braid offers a long term, proven and complete epoxy solution to biogenic and chemical induced corrosion for civil and drainage contractors, councils and water authorities nationally.


Ultra High Water Blasting and Abrasive Blasting

Braid offers wet and dry abrasive and ultra high water blasting services to major water, waste water, sugar, construction, coal seam gas and mining industries.

We offer UHP water blasting between 3,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI to address critical surface preparation, coatings removal, decontamination, industrial and bio hazard cleaning and similar issues.

Braid offers a fully certified Ultra High Water Blast crew who are highly trained and experienced  members whom offer safe and practical solutions to a wide range of situations. Applications may include:

  • WTP and WWTP clarifiers, tanks, inlet channels, wet wells, manholes, confined spaces
  • Surface cleaning and preparation of concrete and steel
  • General cleaning to remove dirt, grease, oil and residues
  • Paint, coatings, corrosion and contaminant removal
  • Elastomeric and urethane coatings
  • Rust, scale, oxidation, chlorine and chemical contamination
  • Ship, vessel, salt, barnacle, organic, hulls, storage tanks, maintenance of floors and workshops
  • Conveyors, hoppers, silos, heat exchangers, condensers, boiler tubes


Machinery Grouting

Braid has a solid history of grouting large-scale skid mounted compressors for coal seam gas compression stations and offers grout plan designs, product specifications, epoxy grout for machinery and industrial projects and placement and pumping of epoxy grout and cement based.

Braid offers cement based and epoxy grouting for complex fixed plant and critically aligned machinery including compressors, turbines and skid mounted dynamic and vibrating equipment. We are expert in proven mechanical pumping methods in hot and cold weather climates and remote areas to service the major construction, mining, coal seam gas, LNG and similar market. Braid offers a total package including surface preparation, formwork, grout plan designs, grout placement/pumping, form stripping and finishing for clients.

We work with our major suppliers to offer compressive strength test results and certificates of conformance to meet client QA standards.


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